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GROWS Webinar Series


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CPD Webinar Series: Barriers to Progression

A recorded webinar discussing barriers to career-related progression for young people, particularly in terms of higher education.

It is produced by the Southern Collaborative Networks, created by CUC Outreach Network and presented by Morag Walling.

CPD Webinar Series: FE Colleges as providers of Higher Education

A look at the important role FE colleges play in widening participation to HE.

It was produced by the Southern Collaborative Networks, created by Kent and Medway Collaborative Network and presented by Joni Chase.

CPD Webinar Series: Post 16 Progression Pathways: Routes to HE

This webinar recording covers the crucial decisions students are required to make during their education careers, how GCSE options influence FE pathways and how these in turn are connected to degree choices.

Delivered by Tracy Davis, Careers Advisor, UK Student Recruitment Manager at Southampton Solent University.

CPD Webinar Series: Student Finance

In this webinar, Charmaine Valente from Student Finance England (SFE) gives a high level overview of the 2016/17 Student Finance Policy, including DSA, Application and Repayments (key messages for students/sponsors) and SFE Resources.

CPD Webinar Series: UCAS Personal Statement Guidance

This webinar offers tips to support students with their UCAS statements as well as reminders about the mechanics of the UCAS form.

It is delivered by the GROWS Network as part of a webinar series by the Southern Collaborative Networks.

CPD Webinar Series: Qualification Reforms

This webinar covers how university admissions staff regarded the changes to secondary qualifications pre 2019, as well as information and advice on how students can best consider the range of options available, to support them in their progression through GCSE and post-16 study into HE.

CPD Webinar Series: University Interviews

This webinar provides information about the university interview process including: which courses are likely to interview candidates; how interviews are structured; what qualities admissions tutors are looking for; what kind of questions they will ask and what group discussions involve.

It also covers interview preparation and techniques so that you can give your students the confidence to succeed.

CPD Webinar Series: Higher Apprenticeships: An Alternative Pathway Through HE

This webinar provides an introduction to higher and degree apprenticeships, offering an overview of the current landscape, the direction of travel and a general understanding of apprenticeships as an alternative route through HE.

Presented by Miranda Glavin on behalf of the Sussex Learning Network.

CPD Webinar Series: Employable Futures

The media can portray HE as an expensive option. As a result, some young people don't consider it viable for them. This webinar outlines the main benefits of HE, considers the concerns students may have and signposts to useful resources. It also outlines what employers are looking for from young people and graduates, highlights examples of graduate destinations and considers how to make the most of the university experience.

CPD Webinar Series: Oxford and Cambridge Explained

An introduction to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and their application processes.

CPD Webinar Series - 'Support Services for students at university'

This webinar outlines support for academic skills and student wellbeing, and highlights advice and coordination services that students with disabilities or additional learning needs can access at universities. This webinar was delivered for teachers and advisors by the Higher Education Outreach Network and delivered as part of the Southern Collaborative Networks webinar series.