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For students:

There are lots of big decisions to make when it comes to higher education and we want you to feel like you are making an informed decision. Whether it is confusion you’re feeling or inspiration you need, we are here to support, inform and inspire you and build your understanding of higher education.

We offer a range of different activities throughout the year designed to support you throughout your journey towards higher education. Whether it is personal statement advice that is needed or course inspiration, we are here to support your progression and awareness of future options and pathways you can take.

For parents:

We aim to support your child’s progression within education so that they can make an informed decision about the pathway they take. Whether it is advice your child needs or a spark of inspiration, we offer advice sessions, activities and events to help support their higher education journey.

Higher Education is not something we are all informed about and so we encourage parents who feel they need more information to get involved with our parent’s event. This informative event aims to dispel the myths surrounding higher education and answer any burning questions you may have.

Date: Wednesday 29th March

Location: Oxstalls

For teachers:

The University of Gloucestershire is dedicated to supporting and inspiring your students on their journey to higher education. We work with post 16 students throughout their journey towards higher education, pin-pointing areas where we can offer support. We also work with pre-16 students, introducing them to the idea of higher education with the aim of raising their aspirations. Where possible, the university focuses on working with students who may not believe higher education is for them due to a range of external factors. However, we are happy to work with entire school or college groups.


Our range of aspirational, informative activities and events include:

  • Pre-16 activities to educate and engage students with HE, serving as a gentle introduction to everything university.
  • Post-16 activities supporting students considering HE to choose the right course and institution for them. We help prepare your students for their living and learning, whichever HE pathway they choose.
  • Subject specific presentations with our Graduate Advocates. This is the perfect opportunity for your students to learn from, and be inspired by, those who have been there and done it!
  • Subject Taster opportunities with lecturers and current students, giving your students a real-life taster of studying at university.
  • Year 12 subject focused 'Conference' Days on campus, where we provide your students with everything they need to succeed in their chosen subject area.
  • 'Why Teach' workshops targeting males and ethnic minority groups, supporting your students in making the transition from student to working towards the teaching profession.
  • Residential Summer Schools for Year 12 and Compact Partner Year 10 students. This is the best way to give your students a taste of what it is like to live and learn as a university student, fully immersing themselves in everything university!
  • Attendance at school open evenings and careers fairs, where we can offer talks, workshops or interactive stands to suit your event.

For more information, please visit our Outreach webpages, email us at outreach@glos.ac.uk, or give us a call on 01242 714 833.

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