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Uni Connect Targeted Outreach

GROWS deliver the Office for Students (OfS) Uni Connect targeted outreach programme locally. This funded initiative aims to reduce the HE progression gaps in targeted geographical wards across England. The initiative supports the Government's social mobility priorities by identifying the postcodes within these wards and working with learners to access a range of opportunities and events. The opportunities provide a range of experiences to support or increase career or education ambitions. 

Activities and events are delivered both in and out of school for both pupils and parents/carers. They are based on core elements of the GROWS progression framework.  Evidence suggests that the most impactful delivery of activities is in a sustained and progressive way. 

Who is eligible? 

Targeted outreach is predominantly offered to students who live in specified target wards. A target ward is an area identified by the Office for Students (OfS) as having lower-than-expected numbers of learners progressing to university level study based on GCSE results. 

The postcode checker below allows you to check a postcode to see if it falls in one of these wards. 

Postcode checker

Targeted outreach work is offered mostly, but not exclusively to eleven Gloucestershire schools, selected by the populations of learners with those postcodes: