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CSI Forensics workshop in a box

  • 17th Feb 2021

Open to pupils in Year 10 and Year 11

"Bringing the CSI effect into your home!" 

This session highlights how the latest Forensic Science techniques are used at a  Crime Scene Investigation and the importance of key forensic evidence retrieval in a court of law 

  • All students will use the latest forensic gadgets, which they will receive prior to the session due to be held in the February half term additionally, all students will be allowed to keep the resources!
  • Students will dust for ‘latent’ marks including fingerprints 
  • Students will be analysing hair and fibre under the microscopic torch
  • Students will be analysing their footwear marks 
  • Students will be using UV lights to uncover latent marks
  • Great Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 
  • Cross Curricular - supporting Science, Maths, English, PHSE, Drama, Geography & Citizenship

In this session all students will participate in a completely interactive “hands on” session delivered by Pulse CSI Trainer - Jacqui Thompson in partnership with the Grows Partnership.

This session highlights how students can research opportunities within the Forensic Science sector, from becoming a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator), Policing, Criminologist, Forensic Scientist, Ballistics Specialist, Cyber Crime Specialist and much more. 

If you have any further queries please email or telephone 01242 714447.

Priority places will be given to those who meet certain postcode criteria. Please click here for more information.