What is GROWS?


GROWS is a collaborative network of six Gloucestershire based universities and colleges. 

It is led by the University of Gloucestershire in partnership with:

The GROWS network helps students aged 11 - 18 to achieve their potential and to raise awareness of the different routes (academic, vocational and work based) into Higher Education (HE). 

We also signpost schools, young people and their parents / carers to a range of outreach activity that they can access from all of the GROWS network partners.

As a partnership, we work together with Gloucestershire schools and colleges to encourage young people to raise their aspirations supporting them to:

  • become motivated and confident about their learning and progression;
  • explore the world of higher education and what it might mean for them;
  • make informed decisions about their future.

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of Higher Education and the pathways towards it by improving access to outreach activities and resources.
  • Provide support to teachers and careers advisors in Gloucestershire schools to ensure that all students have the chance to learn about Higher Education in the classroom, online and through local outreach activities.

Please see our activities and events pages to see some of the activities that both the GROWS network and it's partners offer.

Please note, some of these activities are for learners who are eligible for the Gloucestershire Aspiration Programme (GAP) so may have postcode criteria for priority booking.

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